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what does the new twitter layout mean for your business

What does the new twitter layout mean for your business? For starters, Twitter is a lot more visual now. You will be able to better use images to express your brand and get your point across. So here are the… read more

Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer

As a business owner, you are no doubt evaluating your business in light of the current economic environment. When it comes time to design and develop a new website, small businesses are faced with a choice: hire an agency or… read more

5 Tips To Boost Freelancing Visibility

Boost your freelancing visibility by investing on a strong online presence and marketing efforts! Here are my 5 favorite tips to boost freelancing visibility: 1- Target market hang outs! Get out from behind your computer and go where your target… read more

Top converting placements for sign-up forms to grow email lists.

Top converting placements for sign-up forms to grow email lists.

10 Tools For Managing Freelancers And Contractors On A Tight Budget

Small businesses with tight budgets often hire contractors who work remotely. It makes a lot of sense since the premium for using a freelancer is only for the duration of the project, allowing a better and well planned distribution of… read more

The Productivity Gurus – Infographic

I recently found this cool infographic created by Time Doctor, which highlights the most influential people in productivity based on scores from, and Time Doctor – Track your time. Track your team’s time. Know EXACTLY what is… read more

Anatomy of the Mobile Friendly Email

Designing emails that look great no matter where they’re read can be quite the challenge. Here are some design principles that should be followed to ensure a mobile-friendly email. Also seen on


With the current economy, many small businesses can’t afford to buy much needed services or products. With bartering, you don’t have to make a huge capital outlay every time you need services. You just swap something! In its simplest form… read more

Comparison Shopping

8 Apps for comparison shopping = save you money! Apps have made it nearly impossible for the savviest of shoppers to miss a deal anytime, anywhere. More and more apps feature bar code scanners which are giving users instant access… read more

This is a cool and simple infographic that I found on Take a quick quiz to find out whether it is best for you to be using a PC computer or Mac! Explore more infographics like this one on… read more, with the help of FlexJobs, compiled a list of the 10 Best Freelencers Careers. Here are five of the most popular freelance careers: Marketing Job Functions: Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Project Manager Description: Responsible for creating customer experience strategies… read more

Don’t believe shopping local can make a difference in your community? You’d be surprised.

Managing who to tip during the holidays and how much to give can be an annoying chore. The annual ritual gets even trickier in a weak economy, when givers feel pressured to tip what they can’t afford, and receivers feel… read more